Stanley B Gallery of Awesomeness!

Week 3: Parents

It would seem that Stanley has a good understanding of the subject matter at hand, terrorism and brainwashing that is perhaps beyond his years. He has managed to distill what is a complicated and often misunderstood area, even for most adults, into something which is easily read and digested by those who read it. He has researched the subject thoroughly both by keeping abreast of current events and by doing extensive research on the internet.

Week 3 Checklist

Week 3 Brain Barf

This week I prepared everything I needed to prepare for action week. My presentation for raising awareness is ready, I have researched many different brainwashing techniques for Day X. (I will still research though.) This week has been incredibly productive for me. There weren’t any challenges this week except for the concisement of a couple slides in the presentation. Everything else went pretty smoothly. Next week is holiday! But for Week 4 I plan to present to classes about Current Events and Terrorism. Each presentation will gradually get better and better. I will learn these mistakes from the feedback sheets, and from there I will improve. I think that the greatest success was probably that I prepared everything well for next week. I will make sure that my writing is more direct, precise, and to the point.


Week 3 Action Proposal Permissions

Week 3 Action Plan

Pre-X Checklist

Week 1 Checklist

Week 2 Checklist

Week 2: Parents

I think the topic he chose is a very good but also a fairly sophisticated and difficult one, yet it will certainly attract the attention of his audience. It certainly does ours and it has been an absolute pleasure to discuss his X day during our daily conversations. As his parents we are extremely interested in his weekly progress and achievements. It looks like it has been a very productive week for Stanley. His ideas are forming and integrated well into his action plan. He was very focused and active this week and his progress is promising. He finished drafting an Action Flowchart and agreed on his next steps which at the beginning looked harder than he thought but when he got into it he finished it quicker and now he knows what to plan next. His TBT technique is amazing, I would like to see how it is applied and implemented. If it works out well, it may become one of my work techniques in my work presentations. Well done Stanley!

Brain Barf Week 2

I have finished everything on time this week. I believe that this week was 50x more productive than the last. I now know exactly what to do during Action Week and Dax X, I finished my personal essay, everything is on track! I am now prepared for the weeks ahead! However I was a little bit worried that I wouldn’t finish the Personal Essay draft or the Action Flowchart but I actually finished them ahead of time! I think I just hyped up the pressure for the draft and flowchart when it was actually not that difficult in the first place.

For next week I will create a presentation that follows my issue and passion clearly. The presentation will be compiled of information about terrorism. The presentation actually will not be the main thing, the presentation is supposed to get them to think about the issue to acknowledge it and to then ask me questions, and the questions will lead to a discussion. The whole point of this is not for it to be a: “One time thing.” It’s supposed to get people thinking, to get them to contemplate the situation, not just to pass it by. As stated before, my successes were getting everything finished early and making a path for me ahead. I brainstormed a lot of ideas for Day X, and the best thing I came up with the TBT, (Testing Brainwashing Techniques), I am going to use Brainwashing Techniques to trick or use people into doing my bidding, after this the students will try to use these techniques themselves to manipulate other students. This idea worked because it linked directly with how terrorist groups use the internet and social media to brainwash people to join their organisation.

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