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The Laws of Motion and Gravity

I created this presentation for our Math is Everywhere project to show everyone that math is, everywhere! But also another reason for this project is to see how well high school teens from 10th grade collaborated with fifth graders like us. They came in and helped us fifth graders with our projects and told us to research things about our specified passion, and my passion was The Laws of Motion and Gravity.

Here is my presentation:

The Laws of Motion and Gravity



How to Find the Unknown Quadrilateral and Triangular Angle

How to Find the Angles of a Parallelogram

At first I understood what we were doing fine, but when we started drawing a copy of a parallelogram

it took me forever to finish. When I finally was finished I mistakenly did the area of it. When it was time to partner up I started rushing to do the angles. When my partner Deni aka number 15 got different angles I learned that I even forgot to see if they added to 360. In the end I measured them correctly and got the same angles as Deni. I learned that you shouldn’t rush your work otherwise you will probably get it wrong.

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