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Eliminating Entertainment Machines

When I looked at people’s responses the ideas that came to mind were “This person experimented by eliminating three different entertainment devices and compared their time and efficiency from when they would be using said device.” Or, “By eliminating his computer this person has been able to use their imagination more and expand their knowledge.” In my response I eliminated the T.V., computer and phone and when I look over others I see that most people have at least eliminated one of the things that I did. The questions that rose when I looked at others responses were, “Why did he/she choose these particular machines to eliminate.” And, “I wonder why he/she decided this as a replacement activity.” So in conclusion by looking at other peoples responses I have decided that when multitasking or using a machine no matter how many times you say “I’ll do this in 5 minutes,” an hour has passed, so by eliminating a few entertainment machines you can boost your impact on time and efficiency rating.

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