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Week 3 Checklist

Week 3 Brain Barf

This week I prepared everything I needed to prepare for action week. My presentation for raising awareness is ready, I have researched many different brainwashing techniques for Day X. (I will still research though.) This week has been incredibly productive for me. There weren’t any challenges this week except for the concisement of a couple slides in the presentation. Everything else went pretty smoothly. Next week is holiday! But for Week 4 I plan to present to classes about Current Events and Terrorism. Each presentation will gradually get better and better. I will learn these mistakes from the feedback sheets, and from there I will improve. I think that the greatest success was probably that I prepared everything well for next week. I will make sure that my writing is more direct, precise, and to the point.


Week 3 Action Proposal Permissions

Week 3 Action Plan

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