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Week 2: Parents

I think the topic he chose is a very good but also a fairly sophisticated and difficult one, yet it will certainly attract the attention of his audience. It certainly does ours and it has been an absolute pleasure to discuss his X day during our daily conversations. As his parents we are extremely interested in his weekly progress and achievements. It looks like it has been a very productive week for Stanley. His ideas are forming and integrated well into his action plan. He was very focused and active this week and his progress is promising. He finished drafting an Action Flowchart and agreed on his next steps which at the beginning looked harder than he thought but when he got into it he finished it quicker and now he knows what to plan next. His TBT technique is amazing, I would like to see how it is applied and implemented. If it works out well, it may become one of my work techniques in my work presentations. Well done Stanley!

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