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Week 2 Checklist

Brain Barf Week 2

I have finished everything on time this week. I believe that this week was 50x more productive than the last. I now know exactly what to do during Action Week and Dax X, I finished my personal essay, everything is on track! I am now prepared for the weeks ahead! However I was a little bit worried that I wouldn’t finish the Personal Essay draft or the Action Flowchart but I actually finished them ahead of time! I think I just hyped up the pressure for the draft and flowchart when it was actually not that difficult in the first place.

For next week I will create a presentation that follows my issue and passion clearly. The presentation will be compiled of information about terrorism. The presentation actually will not be the main thing, the presentation is supposed to get them to think about the issue to acknowledge it and to then ask me questions, and the questions will lead to a discussion. The whole point of this is not for it to be a: “One time thing.” It’s supposed to get people thinking, to get them to contemplate the situation, not just to pass it by. As stated before, my successes were getting everything finished early and making a path for me ahead. I brainstormed a lot of ideas for Day X, and the best thing I came up with the TBT, (Testing Brainwashing Techniques), I am going to use Brainwashing Techniques to trick or use people into doing my bidding, after this the students will try to use these techniques themselves to manipulate other students. This idea worked because it linked directly with how terrorist groups use the internet and social media to brainwash people to join their organisation.

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