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Week 1 Checklist

Exhibition Planning Sheet/Sunshine Storm

Exhibition Planning Sheet:

Brainstorming our Key Concept Questions:

Sunshine Storm

Week 1: Exploration

I think I used my time very wisely and efficiently this week. I did everything that I was supposed to on time. The reason being is that the more I get done now the less I have to do later. There weren’t any challenges this week, everything went smoothly and easily the whole week. For next week: I plan to finish the X-Planner and to find the related concepts of my passion/issue. I have laid the base of Exhibition this week for the rest of Exhibition to follow by. Also with the Sunshine Storm, I found my key questions and how I am going to use those questions to plan the rest of my journey out. And for this week: This week was pretty plain. We actually didn’t do much, we still had the X-Planner and the meeting with Ms. Bond to do. Maybe it’s just me that personally thought that we could’ve got more done…

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