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Question #3 Can You Jump The Same River Twice?

The answer to this question is Yes and No.

For one the river has changed since you last jumped in it, it’s a different ecosystem, there are different fish living in the river now,  it’s just different. Scientifically you could argue that there are completely different atoms and minerals in the lake than before or the particles switched places, or matured, there are so many arguments on this topic that it is very difficult to name them all. If you wanted to look at it very blandly, you could just say: “That’s the same lake I jumped in because:

1. It has the same name and history since the last time I have swam/jumped in.

2. And it is the same lake, it hasn’t changed it’s appearance since last time either.”

What’s your standpoint on the topic?

Question #2 Who Would You Choose?

There are different ways to look at every problem, and here are the main choices we had for this question: Philosophically, Scientifically. through Folklore, Common Wisdom, or you are Indifferent in the situation. You are in a taxi, however the taxi driver is a deranged psychopath, and you have two choices. A you will either run over 5 preschoolers, or B a grandmother. I chose to choose philosophically because: 1. The grandmother has lived to the full extent of her life. 2. The preschoolers could accomplish great things while the grandmother is waiting to die. Of course she probably has grandkids, and I say probably with a big if. The preschoolers could create amazing things or find the cure to all sicknesses! Colonize Mars! But that is all a big if, we do not know enough factors. But for all the reasons listed above, I think it’s a pretty safe chance to kill the grandma instead of a children.

Question #1 Why is it Wrong to kill Human Animals, but not Wrong to Eat Non-Human Animals?

Why is it not wrong to eat non-human animals? My justification of this situation is that even if I stop eating animals, it will not stop the killing of animals. Don’t get me wrong I love, and absolutely love meat so I might not be the best person to try and answer this question however, I am submitting my opinion not caring for the criticism I might get in the comments. We in the past thought that we were higher than animals better than them, however in 1858 Charles Darwin announced his theory of evolution, we have started to realized that we are not so different than the animals we once treated like garbage. So coming back to the original question, is it really ok to eat meat. Well a Cannibal would raise the point that if we eat animals and we are animals why can’t people eat other people. Which is a fair point I might say however, do lions eat other lions, do cows eat other cows, does fly eat another fly, (I am not mentioning spiders because the black widow’s female devours the male .) But the answer is up to what you think. So, do you really think it is okay to eat meat?

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