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Pre-X Checklist

My Plans For Next Week

Next week I plan to find an interesting global/local issue to think about and from there I will try to associate something that I find interesting with the global/local issue. So far I have a couple ideas on what to do. So far I have thought up: Linking the Internet to the cyber attack on Sony Pictures and making my issue into cyber bullying on different forums and the internet overall. If not that then I plan to make my issue about hacking. If this is what I do I would think that a mentor that has good experience with hacking, computer science, tech, and those things in general. I love the internet so this would fit with a passion of mine. Another would be linking the Germanwings Disaster with Psychology and through that the issue would be depression. There are a lot of links to common things that I am interested in. I think that I should find a few more and then choose from the pool.

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