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In the past few weeks our class created timelines for worldwide crises, such as: The Syrian Uprising, The Ukrainian Clashes, Turkey’s Protests, The Afghan Civil War, and the Egyptian Uprising. Our group was contemplated of: Me, Deni, Ayla, and Lorenzo; we got Syria and we gave everyone a separate year. It is sometimes difficult working in a group because (for me at least,) I don’t want to rely on other people to do something for me, I want to rely on myself to do the work because at least than I can be sure of myself and not make sure that others are doing the work they’re supposed to.


I guess that most people feel this way about groups but then again it can still be fun. Overall I believe that being in a group can be stressful but also a lot of fun.

The Orchestra Assembly

Yesterday our orchestra had an assembly, and the winds (brass and woodwinds) and the strings (violins) played many songs, and in the end we played the song Finlandia all together and as synchronized as a flock of birds in formation. Overall I believe that both groups made an excellent performance in front of the audience. The saxophones, (including me, Josh, and Ayla) sat in the very back with the trombones and the euphonium (baritone.) The concert made me  partially anxious in two different ways, one out of frustration and enjoyment  and the second to just get it over with, but to still savour it.
A few of the songs that we played were: London Bridge (Duet,) Split Decision (Duet,) Oh Susanna followed by Skip To My Lou, Up The D Scale and Down The D Scale, Old Macdonald followed by Mozart Melody, Jingle Bells, and finally Finlandia. It gave me a sense of fulfillment to do this.


This Monday we went to IKEA to gather items for the IKEA PROJECT. What it is? ONLY THE MOST TOP SECRET PROJECT IN THE WORLD! (No.) What it actually is, is a math project in where we have a 2800 tl budget and pick out items for our dream bedrooms. (Remember this is all hypothetical and we did not have 2800 tl.) Originally we were supposed to measure our own bedrooms and put all the items in there but the teachers decided to level the playing field and gave everyone a 4mx4m bedroom. (As I said before were not actually getting bedrooms they give us a 4mx4m grid.) You’re probably wondering, “But one bed can cover half the room.” Yes you are correct, but no because we were instructed to divide all the big items by 20. I think one of the best parts of this project was when we actually went to IKEA to pick out items for our bedrooms.

Persuasive Writing #2

In the past week we have been writing our persuasive writing finals. The basis of this project was to persuade someone with substantial word choice and hardcore evidence and ethical reasons. The project is pretty much selecting a hypothetical situation in which you would try to substantiate what you are saying try to persuade them with reasons and the whole part of it is trying to say, “I’m right, you’re wrong, this is why.”

A few choices to choose from were: School should start earlier than later; vica versa, why we should get a new piece of playground equipment and why the audience should choose the one that you suggest, etc. I chose “School Uniforms” and my position was against them because honestly I just don’t understand the point of them. I believe that my first draft of this needed a little work just to make it better, and I accomplished my goal in my final draft.


Here is the link to my rough draft:


And here is the link to the final:

Dividing and Multiplying with Decimals

This week we learned how to divide with decimals. Once you understand the sequence of how to divide with decimals it is very basic and easy, it’s kind of like learning how to bike hard at first, but easier as you learn then you never forget. How to divide with decimals is very simple, this is how: First move the decimal point in the divisor so it becomes a whole number, then you move the decimal point in the dividend as many times as you did for the divisor; then after you re-write the problem (with the changes included) and move the decimal point upward so you do not forget about the decimal point. This was also a revision of division, and multiplication with decimals. And to multiply with decimals is quite easy, basically you do the problem without the decimal and then when you get the answer you put the decimal from the left for however many digits there are behind the decimals. An example of this would be 22.3×43.5 which the answer without the decimal would be 97,005 but with the decimal would be 970.05.

Ad Layouts and Advertising Techniques

This week we have started to study ad layouts and techniques in our unit of media and advertising. What I have learned from ad layouts is that generally a lot of the ad is a picture including many colors (mostly blue, yellow, white, green, and red,) with the font either big or small (mostly small) and that particular ad is directed at a target audience, (if you are not quite sure what a target audience is A large group of people that a certain product is specifically made for.) Many ads include celebrities to make us think that if wwe buy them we will be like them. In most commercials and ads it includes mostly positive people, to try and covince you that if you get the product you will become happy, but in reality thats not the truth. The colors actually have meanings, for instance red means youth and excitement, blue means security and confidence, green means health and responsibility.

Persuasive Writing

     Over the past few days we have started the way of “Persuasive Writing.” In persuasive writing you are supposed to prove your point by stating your thesis, writing the counter argument (just to get a hypothetical view of what the opposing argument is,) than what you would do is state three reasons to establish why you think this and why what you thought is in fact the correct thesis. After this you restate your thesis you can either state your most important reason again or you can conclude your point with a very strict and meaningful conclusion sentence, or both. We centered our points around what is happening in Turkey right now so the groups were: Block Twitter, Don’t Block Twitter, and Block Youtube, Don’t Block Youtube. I was in the Don’t Block Youtube group. Once we were finished with our posters our teacher took a video of us representing what we think, and by my perspective, my group did not do very well; it is not because we did not work well together, it was because we did not have our lines practiced or in any particular organization, so a lot of us were late in what we were going to say.


Here is the link to my persuasive writing brainstorm:


Dialogue In The Dark

     This week on Monday we went to a place called “Dialogue In The Dark” In where you go through a certain amount of areas like a: Park, Labyrinth, Cafe, Theater, etc. Before we went into the blind man’s maze they gave us batons and told us to always feel the walls if there were any in that particular area.

     The point of this experience is to understand what it is like to be a blind person. After this experience I value my sight more, because before you know what it is like to be a blind person you take your sight, your vision for granted. After this, I really feel for the blind, they can’t see sunsets, they can’t see their friends, their family, etc. I think that it’s better to be a blind person from birth than from becoming blind, (even though both are bad) because if you become blind you know what you’re missing.

     Anyway I think that being blind can be bad but it can also be good, anyway I think this experience is a great way to understand other blind people, and it’s also pretty fun. I recommend this for everyone because it is both fun and something to remember.

Division Test

This week we had a division test and I am quite happy with my results (:. It was a good milestone for me to get a score like this because I could never really divide like this )— I just couldn’t understand it no matter how hard I tried. However now I know this which makes me happy because I have been chasing after this goal for what seems like forever and I have finally reached it. I would like to thank Ms. Wachowiak and my parents for helping me to understand how to divide like this.


Last Monday, our I.T. teacher Mr.Johnson came in and showed us some presentation websites, in where we could sign up with g+ and check out one of the websites and learn how to use the tools. Our table was assigned Powtoons and it is a very good presentation maker, there are animations to keep the watcher interested, special types of fonts which are easy to read but yet different, etc,. The other websites were Infogram, Gapminder, easily, pictochart, and google trends. I only tried out Powtoons but this Monday we were assigned partners and we would teach each other how each program worked. My partner was Ben and he showed me Infogram, a great website to make charts. And then Deni came up to the board and tought us how Gapminder worked, (everyone on the Gapminder table was called a Gapminder Guru.)

Here are the links:




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