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The Economics of Happiness


I’ve always known that globalization was a large issue especially when such globalization is subsidized. Many of the villages like the one we found in the “Economics of Happiness” movie share the same traits as the latter. They are not rich in the sense of money, but they are rich emotionally and spiritually. They know who they are and don’t have labels like we do in the westernized world. There is no “poor” in their world, there is no “need” for things of socioeconomic status like an expensive watch, because everyone is seen equally in their eyes. This isn’t to say that their society is perfect. With a lesser-industrialized world comes a lower standard of education, healthcare that is barely competent, and many more problems. We heard in the documentary how when the government came in and the globalization began the civilization started to crumble, the ones who tried to make the society strive, were shortly disbanded soon after and became beggars groveling on the streets. Understanding my points, you would think that I was against globalization, but I am in the middle of the battle, neutral in a sense. I agree with ideals on both sides and disagree with others; I cannot pick a side because both sides have strengths and weaknesses, the second of which the documentary fails to address. The movie doesn’t talk about any of the weaknesses of a less globalized world, only the pros of one and the cons of a more globalized world. The movie gives us great insight and example into what globalization does, but it does not give all the perspectives surrounding the subject.


Where The Red Fern Grows

Dear Ms.Wachowiak,


I have finally started reading the book that you recommended to me quite a while ago called, “Where The Red Fern Grows,” which I have only started two days ago and has already become a very interesting and captivating book. I like that it is about a poor southern boy who just wants two hunting hounds but can’t because he and his family can’t afford it. Also I am not sure what time this story is set in, but I assume it is somewhere in the early nineties or late eighteen hundreds because in the book it states that two hunting hounds cost seventy-five dollars and after the father says that if he had that kind of money he would buy another mule or two.


In this book I believe my favorite character would be Billy Colman the main protagonist who is so determined to get a dog that in some way it is inspiring, (kind of like  one of those posters that say if you put your mind to something you can achieve what you want.) But its so spectacular that he worked so hard for an entire two years to achieve what he wanted to get. As the story goes on you start to grow attached to the two little puppies “Old Dan” who is the strong and straight forward and “Little Ann” who is the smarter and more adaptable.


Since this is the last response of the year I just want to say have a good summer holiday and have a great time. “Where the Red Fern Grows” is a very good book and it lets you really look at human endurance and determination.


Not The End Of The World

Dear Ms. Wachowiak,


You know the saying, “It’s not the end of the world,” Well in my book, “It’s Not The End Of The World,” the author Geraldine McCaughrean, generally uses normal stories and fairy tales such as: Moby Dick, The White Whale, One Thousand and One Arabian Nights, The Odyssey, and so on. This retelling is about the story of “Noah’s Ark” which uses a first person view to portrays the story from the voice of Timna,  Noah’s only daughter.


As most know in the original and this retell they have to bring two of each animal (one male and one female,)  the sad thing is that the eldest brother Shem sacrifices newborn animals on the ship 5 seconds after they are born. You see, Shem is both controlling and obnoxious which mixed equals someone who you would not want to be around. Japheth, the youngest and most caring and generous man in the arc is downed upon because he is cowardly and clumsy, however he was forced to marry a girl named Zillah on the arc. And guess what, everyone on the arc (except for Noah and the mother) aren’t even in their twenties yet, and Japheth, well he is only 12 and a half and Zillah is only 13. The whole family except for Shem and Noah,watched hundreds of thousands of lives lost in The Flood, all screaming and yelling for help, (it must have been so demoralizing.)


This book is great version of a retell, which can be used as a role model for other retells.

Money Run

Dear Ms. Wachowiak,


(Before I explain what my book is about I have to ask you one thing.) What would you do for 200$? In the next paragraph I will ask you a series of hypothetical event as to which I hope you respond to in comment form. This question came from the book “Money Run” which centers two unlikely heroes Ash and Benjamin who have a taste for thieving and money.


Most people say that thieves steal because they are poor or misunderstood, Ash and Benjamin steal because when Ash was much younger her house had been robbed and Benjamin checked car records and the only few people who had a car that was big enough to carry all that furniture so they searched, they found, and they stole back, and Ash found her calling. The background behind these two is Ash is more of the player she works in the field, however Benjamin is like a hacker, the brainiac who is always getting the info he knows how to make a plan. The cool thing about the book is that it comes from many different perspectives, many of them are from Ash, Benjamin, Michael Peachey (hitman/assassin,) Hammond Buckland (billionaire owner of HBS.) If I had one word to describe each character here they are: Ash: Mischievous, smart, sneaky, cool, awesome, snaky, and a master liar, greedy, adaptable. Benjamin: Genius, nice, following, computer master, forward thinking, worried. Michael Peachy: Ruthless, killer, malevolent, crazy, greedy, odd, unpredictable. Hammond Buckland: Greedy, smart, forward thinking, calm, understanding. And here are a bunch of hypothetical situations based on what I asked in the 1st paragraph. Would you jump out of an airplane with only one inexpensible unpredictable parachute? Would you take on a bio-mechanical machine? Would you take on a cyborg with a machine gun with only a hatchet and a fire hydrant? Would you climb up a building with nothing but two plungers? Would you try to escape the police, the government, two hitmen, a robot, and a billionaire business man who can buy anything from anyone.


Anyway I have really enjoy this book and recommend it to all readers of all genres because it is awesome.


Two days ago we started our 6th and final unit Decisions, and how stronger bodies’ decisions affect us.  Yesterday we wrote down on a document what decisions we make and what decisions others make that affect us.


For instance when I was little my parents decided what I wear and my clothing choice, they also decide where we go, what we do when we get there, and to pay for my education. Teachers decide what we do in class or in our classes, such as what we study in math, or our field trips, what we study in our current unit, etc. My coaches decide what we do to practice the particular sport we play. Governments decide our laws, internet use, protection, and illegal activity. I decide, who my friends are, what I watch, what I generally eat, where I go, what I do, what I play, and the list is never ending.



Dear Ms. Wachowiak,


Too much conspiracy and suspense! I have finished Payback and it ended with a very unsuspecting ending linking with the both the suicide bombings, George Fincham the traitor, and the mysterious hacker ‘Black Star’ who has broken into MI6’s files and Northwood where all operations of the UK are dealt with. Anyway enough talking about that, because I have finally entered the world of Avenger where I will find out all potential secrets and mysteries that have been unsolved and or undiscovered in the past books Traitor and Payback. Avenger portrays Danny Watts, his grandfather Fergus Watts and Elena Omolodon working with the MI6 double agent Marcie Deveraux to uncover the hacker ‘Black Star’ who has been found in the teenage suicide bombers’ broken hard drives which is enough evidence for MI5 to capture him; why they need the Watts’s and Elena, because they have worked with him before to uncover Fincham’s traitorous doings, and to hack into MI6’s secure database.

On the comment on my last post you requested to hear either how we would talk to one or two characters, or how we would describe them in words, well this is if I hypothetically met Danny Watts if we were old friends:

Me: Hey, Danny what’s up! So what have you been doing these days?

Danny: Not much, trying to find the hacker ‘Black Star’ who is orchestrating the bombings, clearing my family name, working for MI5, you know the usual.

Me: Yeah, so any way how are you mentally and physically? I heard some crazy stuff happened while all of this happened.

Danny: Well, what happened was my grandfather Fergus created an explosive device that severely injured us, Fergus got shot in the leg, I found my grandfather and found out that he was a deniable operator, just an experience I guess.

Me: So, have you ever encountered any problems while on the run and helping MI5?

Danny: Yes, one example is when my grandfather got shot in the leg for a second time while we were in a firefight with the enemy, Kev Newman, one of my grandfather’s best friends in the army sacrificed himself to save me and Fergus.

Me: Have you ever been in contact with ‘Black Star,’ any leads, any idea as to who he can possibly be?

Danny: I have never talked with ‘Black Star,’ however my best friend Elena chats with him from time to time to gather intel on him. Secondly we have had Dr. Ruth Jacobson confirm that ‘Black Star’ is a man and that he is middle aged, we have also know that he is in America, New York City to be specific.

Me: Well, it’s been nice seeing you again Danny.

Simultaneously: Bye!

Either way I think that we might be good friends if we ever met each other, however I would supposedly have it after all of these missions are finished because honestly if this was real I would be rather be not involved with trying to track down and eliminate a mad hacker intent on wreaking havoc on the world by recruiting his ‘Dark Angels’ to do his bidding by making plastic explosives strapping them on to themselves and killing innocent lives. Another part of the book explains who ‘Black Star is and why he is doing this. The truth is that ‘Black Star’ is Charles Samuel Pointer II who is doing this because his son Charles Samuel Pointer III died in 9/11 going for a job interview, and he blames the entire world for that so he believes that by orchestrating the suicide bombings he is avenging his son.

Anyway, I really enjoy this book series and yes, I know I have said this about 100 times but seriously read this series, it is awesome, (emphasis on the awesome.) I have learned two things from this series: 1. Don’t hack it is wrong it is illegal and you really should not be snooping around in someone’s privacy online. 2. Don’t go into something you know that you cannot come back from or be your downfall.


Dear Ms. Wachowiak,


I have gotten to the second book Payback of the Boy Soldier series. The first book Traitor I highly recommend because it involves good amount of action with non-stop suspense.


The author’s of the book are clever in what words they use based on the situation in the book. For instance if the particular situation is when one of the MI6 surveillance teams are doing some reconnaissance when they are on the net (the network in which their earpieces are connected to) they are third person aware meaning that they would say even for themselves something like, “Fran is foxtrot towards primary target,” (Foxtrot meaning “walking” and primary target is the, well “primary target.” In a particular action situation the dialogue would be a bit anxious and or angry, excited, scared, exhilarated, and so on. Every single character in the book has a particular role: Elena Omolodon is Danny Watts’ best friend and possible love interest, father recently was arrested for selling drugs on the black market. Danny Watts is the main character in the story who was orphaned at the age of six, who has further on wanting to become a military officer, whose dreams were shattered because of his so called “traitorous” grandfather, who has since been on the run with his grandfather who later tells Danny that he and the nation was betrayed by the treacherous George Fincham. Recently has lived in southern Spain, but has returned to the UK to help MI5 expose Fincham for what he has done. Fergus Watts SAS high ranking soldier(Danny’s grandfather) shipped off to Columbia to fight the FARC and recruited as a K (deniable operator) to find drug manufacturing plants, and captured with a squad of guerrillas with bullet wound in thigh. Lead mass prison break, escaped to England than rediscovered by grandson, Danny Watts, then on after have been on the run with help of: Elena Omolodon, Eddie Moyes (dead,) they have killed: Bryan, (recce) Jimmy (recce.)


As you can see from what I have written the book is very detailed and interesting. If you do decide to read this series I guarantee you that it will be worth it and will not waste your time.


Dear Ms. Wachowiak,


I have recently started reading the book Traitor by Andy Mcnab & Robert Rigby. This book has been very exhilarating and I think that any easily excited reader would really love this book.


I have chosen this book because it has a close relation with most books I have read and the blurb and first few pages were very appealing. The book centers around seventeen year old orphan Danny Watts who is trying to become a soldier and his dream is quickly shattered because of his grandfather ex-SAS (special air service) rogue who betrayed his country by working with Colombian drug traffickers also known as FARC (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia) for the money. Since orphaned Danny has lived in the residence of Foxcroft where his best friend Elena Omolodon whilst has also been orphaned since her mother died and her father went off to Nigeria for a money making scheme, (he always had big ideas.) Ever since Joey (Elena’s father) left he has always tried to make Elena give him the inheritance of her mother. Another really cool aspect of the book is that in the book they use military talk, surveillance talk, and hacking talk like SOPs (standard operating procedures) GSW (gunshot wound) etc.


Now I am interested in the genre of spy fiction which is what this book is. I can’t wait to see what happens in the next book Payback and then Avenger and then the final book Meltdown.

The Obsidian Blade

Dear Ms. Wachowiak,


     I have picked out a book from the library called The Obsidian Blade book one in The Klaatu Diskos series. The book centers around Tucker Feye a 13 year-old boy who lives with his mother and father, both very religious towards the Christian faith. They live in Hopewell, Minnesota where things have become quite abnormal for Tucker Feye.

     I chose the book because a book called The Obsidian Blade sounded interesting, and the blurb was quite fascinating. The book is partially like a “I saw something but no one believes me,” book. The Klaatu are a kind of ghost-like creature; they are transparent and pale but in some way different. Diskos are these 4 foot long disks that have the power to bring you to any place and time. The first time Tucker went through one it took him to 9/11 where he was on the second tower; there he learned that you cannot truly fell the past until you experience it yourself. When the father first went through a disk he came back unfaithful in god and had a blond girl named Lahlia with him. Tucker’s mother turned crazy over the past 6 months, she always had a sudoku puzzle with her and said that she saw ghosts, even the slightest disturbance would cause her to freak. This book is exceptional with the constant suspense and mystery, it like most books teaches us that our petty irritations and nervousness is nothing compared to what others might be going through. When Tucker uncontrollably time travels to 9/11 he sees the young Curtis “Kosh” Feye (his uncle.) When he time travels back from 9/11 he talks about the disk on the roof, and Kosh believes him, which greatly satisfies Tucker.

     I have realized that one of the genres I most read is sci-fi. I think this is because I have a great interest in mystery, suspense, action, and feeling. Anyway, I am really excited to finish this book so I can move onto book two The Cydonian Pyramid.


Dear Ms. Wachowiak,




     To answer your questions: 1. I’m sorry but I seriously doubt that he is actually the hero. 2. I really don’t know why a hero would act like this. 3. I got this book at Barnes & Nobles. Sorry but I cannot continue The Wrecker as my reading response, but I have a book that is just or even more exciting than The Wrecker. It is called (well you know it,) Insurgent, as you well know Tris has been through a really tough time with her parents sacrificing themselves for her, but she is back and is ready to fight. (Well at least not until she gets that bullet wound in her shoulder under control.)

     I honestly must say that the author Veronica Roth’s greatly makes the reader want to keep reading. Because of the special use of writing done in the text is so conceptual and detailed it makes the reader (well at least me) want to keep addictively reading. The writing also makes it so you can visualize and understand what is happening and where it is happening. I chose this book because I have always been a big reader of sci-fi and action stories, with a tinge of feeling. I can make a connection with Tris (Beatrice) because sometimes I imagined what it would be like if my mother or father died, the feeling is really at this age unimaginable, but her parents died right in front of her eyes and by doing that sacrificed themselves for her to survive. What I don’t get in books and movies is that when a loved one or a girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, husband, best friend, or something of the similar dies you feel like you don’t want to live anymore. Well if they died in a sacrificial way you shouldn’t think this because they died to save you if you don’t want to live anymore you just destroyed what they died for, you just made their last choice seem stupid and useless. I stopped at the part where they met Evelyn, but I do wonder what happened to Peter and Marcus in the cornfield? Did they get killed? #HopePeterDid #ThatDudeIsAJerk oh yeah and also #ToManyHashtags. (For those who are not in 5C, one day we decided to say hashtag before everything and that is how this originated.)

     What I do understand is that this this a great book and I recommend it to everyone.For those who do not know what Factions are, (which are like states/provinces but each value a different quality.) Here is a list of the the Factions and what they value:

  • Candor: Honesty

  • Dauntless: Braveness

  • Abnegation: Selflessness

  • Erudite: Knowledge

  • Amity: Peace
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