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Week 5: Checklist

Week 5: Brainbarf

Last week I was at CEESA for Softball so I was absent on both Thursday and Friday. However I did do as much work as I could on the days prior to that. Our efforts at softball were not very successful but still valiant. Since I knew that I would not be here on Thursday and Friday, and in Budapest instead, I knew that I had to do as much work as possible to not be behind the next week. I think that the main challenge was that I wasn’t going to be here on the last two days of the week. Which was both a bad and good thing. The bad thing being was that I wasn’t going to be here, the good thing being it motivated me to work harder. My plan for next week is to finish up my pinboard and get my action station ready for Day X.  The best success was that I caught up and finished my pinboard on time and without any struggle.

Week 4: Teacher

Stanley has been to several high school classes and showed his risk taking skills. His ability to engage his audience and speak with clear knowledge about his issue shows his maturity. his audience was impressed with his ability to speak, his passion and enthusiasm.

Week 4: Checklist

Week 4: Parents

I understand that Stanley made four presentations this past week and that they went well. He says that he felt confident in the presentations and that the students had a better understanding of terrorism and current events. The kids asked many questions, and he felt that he was able to answer them all adequately.

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