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Daily Archives: 30 April, 2015

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Week 4: Brain Barf

This week I presented to many classes between grades 6-8. We had in-depth discussions about the topic of Terrorism, and even got to some of the more darker points. I also created the layout of my pinboard so I don’t have any challenges next week. Talking about pinboards, I measured the width of all of the boards so that we could even out the space between 51 students, (including myself). This week was very productive, and I was very happy with the outcome. There weren’t many challenges at all. The only challenge was trying to calm the classes down at the beginning of the presentations. I think that my only plans for next week is to incorporate all of my work from my layout draft into the actual pinboard.  I think that the biggest success is that I actually got everything done ahead of time and even got some things done that were supposed to be for next week. I makes me confident for my exhibition.

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