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Week 4: Brain Barf

This week I presented to many classes between grades 6-8. We had in-depth discussions about the topic of Terrorism, and even got to some of the more darker points. I also created the layout of my pinboard so I don’t have any challenges next week. Talking about pinboards, I measured the width of all of the boards so that we could even out the space between 51 students, (including myself). This week was very productive, and I was very happy with the outcome. There weren’t many challenges at all. The only challenge was trying to calm the classes down at the beginning of the presentations. I think that my only plans for next week is to incorporate all of my work from my layout draft into the actual pinboard.  I think that the biggest success is that I actually got everything done ahead of time and even got some things done that were supposed to be for next week. I makes me confident for my exhibition.

Week 3: Teacher

Stanley has been working hard this week on his presentation. He has fined tuned his writing skills to make clearer more effective sentences making use of his great bank of vocabulary.

Week 2: Teacher

Stanley has approached this unit with great enthusiasm. He has a true and easily noticeable interest in his issue. It ties clearly with his passion for current events and political science. His research has been well done and he has a solid personal essay.

Week 3: Parents

It would seem that Stanley has a good understanding of the subject matter at hand, terrorism and brainwashing that is perhaps beyond his years. He has managed to distill what is a complicated and often misunderstood area, even for most adults, into something which is easily read and digested by those who read it. He has researched the subject thoroughly both by keeping abreast of current events and by doing extensive research on the internet.

Week 3 Checklist

Week 3 Brain Barf

This week I prepared everything I needed to prepare for action week. My presentation for raising awareness is ready, I have researched many different brainwashing techniques for Day X. (I will still research though.) This week has been incredibly productive for me. There weren’t any challenges this week except for the concisement of a couple slides in the presentation. Everything else went pretty smoothly. Next week is holiday! But for Week 4 I plan to present to classes about Current Events and Terrorism. Each presentation will gradually get better and better. I will learn these mistakes from the feedback sheets, and from there I will improve. I think that the greatest success was probably that I prepared everything well for next week. I will make sure that my writing is more direct, precise, and to the point.


Week 3 Action Proposal Permissions

Week 3 Action Plan

Pre-X Checklist

Week 1 Checklist

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