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Dear Ms. Wachowiak,


I have recently started reading the book Traitor by Andy Mcnab & Robert Rigby. This book has been very exhilarating and I think that any easily excited reader would really love this book.


I have chosen this book because it has a close relation with most books I have read and the blurb and first few pages were very appealing. The book centers around seventeen year old orphan Danny Watts who is trying to become a soldier and his dream is quickly shattered because of his grandfather ex-SAS (special air service) rogue who betrayed his country by working with Colombian drug traffickers also known as FARC (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia) for the money. Since orphaned Danny has lived in the residence of Foxcroft where his best friend Elena Omolodon whilst has also been orphaned since her mother died and her father went off to Nigeria for a money making scheme, (he always had big ideas.) Ever since Joey (Elena’s father) left he has always tried to make Elena give him the inheritance of her mother. Another really cool aspect of the book is that in the book they use military talk, surveillance talk, and hacking talk like SOPs (standard operating procedures) GSW (gunshot wound) etc.


Now I am interested in the genre of spy fiction which is what this book is. I can’t wait to see what happens in the next book Payback and then Avenger and then the final book Meltdown.

Ad Layouts and Advertising Techniques

This week we have started to study ad layouts and techniques in our unit of media and advertising. What I have learned from ad layouts is that generally a lot of the ad is a picture including many colors (mostly blue, yellow, white, green, and red,) with the font either big or small (mostly small) and that particular ad is directed at a target audience, (if you are not quite sure what a target audience is A large group of people that a certain product is specifically made for.) Many ads include celebrities to make us think that if wwe buy them we will be like them. In most commercials and ads it includes mostly positive people, to try and covince you that if you get the product you will become happy, but in reality thats not the truth. The colors actually have meanings, for instance red means youth and excitement, blue means security and confidence, green means health and responsibility.

Persuasive Writing

     Over the past few days we have started the way of “Persuasive Writing.” In persuasive writing you are supposed to prove your point by stating your thesis, writing the counter argument (just to get a hypothetical view of what the opposing argument is,) than what you would do is state three reasons to establish why you think this and why what you thought is in fact the correct thesis. After this you restate your thesis you can either state your most important reason again or you can conclude your point with a very strict and meaningful conclusion sentence, or both. We centered our points around what is happening in Turkey right now so the groups were: Block Twitter, Don’t Block Twitter, and Block Youtube, Don’t Block Youtube. I was in the Don’t Block Youtube group. Once we were finished with our posters our teacher took a video of us representing what we think, and by my perspective, my group did not do very well; it is not because we did not work well together, it was because we did not have our lines practiced or in any particular organization, so a lot of us were late in what we were going to say.


Here is the link to my persuasive writing brainstorm:


The Obsidian Blade

Dear Ms. Wachowiak,


     I have picked out a book from the library called The Obsidian Blade book one in The Klaatu Diskos series. The book centers around Tucker Feye a 13 year-old boy who lives with his mother and father, both very religious towards the Christian faith. They live in Hopewell, Minnesota where things have become quite abnormal for Tucker Feye.

     I chose the book because a book called The Obsidian Blade sounded interesting, and the blurb was quite fascinating. The book is partially like a “I saw something but no one believes me,” book. The Klaatu are a kind of ghost-like creature; they are transparent and pale but in some way different. Diskos are these 4 foot long disks that have the power to bring you to any place and time. The first time Tucker went through one it took him to 9/11 where he was on the second tower; there he learned that you cannot truly fell the past until you experience it yourself. When the father first went through a disk he came back unfaithful in god and had a blond girl named Lahlia with him. Tucker’s mother turned crazy over the past 6 months, she always had a sudoku puzzle with her and said that she saw ghosts, even the slightest disturbance would cause her to freak. This book is exceptional with the constant suspense and mystery, it like most books teaches us that our petty irritations and nervousness is nothing compared to what others might be going through. When Tucker uncontrollably time travels to 9/11 he sees the young Curtis “Kosh” Feye (his uncle.) When he time travels back from 9/11 he talks about the disk on the roof, and Kosh believes him, which greatly satisfies Tucker.

     I have realized that one of the genres I most read is sci-fi. I think this is because I have a great interest in mystery, suspense, action, and feeling. Anyway, I am really excited to finish this book so I can move onto book two The Cydonian Pyramid.

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