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Dialogue In The Dark

     This week on Monday we went to a place called “Dialogue In The Dark” In where you go through a certain amount of areas like a: Park, Labyrinth, Cafe, Theater, etc. Before we went into the blind man’s maze they gave us batons and told us to always feel the walls if there were any in that particular area.

     The point of this experience is to understand what it is like to be a blind person. After this experience I value my sight more, because before you know what it is like to be a blind person you take your sight, your vision for granted. After this, I really feel for the blind, they can’t see sunsets, they can’t see their friends, their family, etc. I think that it’s better to be a blind person from birth than from becoming blind, (even though both are bad) because if you become blind you know what you’re missing.

     Anyway I think that being blind can be bad but it can also be good, anyway I think this experience is a great way to understand other blind people, and it’s also pretty fun. I recommend this for everyone because it is both fun and something to remember.


Dear Ms. Wachowiak,




     To answer your questions: 1. I’m sorry but I seriously doubt that he is actually the hero. 2. I really don’t know why a hero would act like this. 3. I got this book at Barnes & Nobles. Sorry but I cannot continue The Wrecker as my reading response, but I have a book that is just or even more exciting than The Wrecker. It is called (well you know it,) Insurgent, as you well know Tris has been through a really tough time with her parents sacrificing themselves for her, but she is back and is ready to fight. (Well at least not until she gets that bullet wound in her shoulder under control.)

     I honestly must say that the author Veronica Roth’s greatly makes the reader want to keep reading. Because of the special use of writing done in the text is so conceptual and detailed it makes the reader (well at least me) want to keep addictively reading. The writing also makes it so you can visualize and understand what is happening and where it is happening. I chose this book because I have always been a big reader of sci-fi and action stories, with a tinge of feeling. I can make a connection with Tris (Beatrice) because sometimes I imagined what it would be like if my mother or father died, the feeling is really at this age unimaginable, but her parents died right in front of her eyes and by doing that sacrificed themselves for her to survive. What I don’t get in books and movies is that when a loved one or a girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, husband, best friend, or something of the similar dies you feel like you don’t want to live anymore. Well if they died in a sacrificial way you shouldn’t think this because they died to save you if you don’t want to live anymore you just destroyed what they died for, you just made their last choice seem stupid and useless. I stopped at the part where they met Evelyn, but I do wonder what happened to Peter and Marcus in the cornfield? Did they get killed? #HopePeterDid #ThatDudeIsAJerk oh yeah and also #ToManyHashtags. (For those who are not in 5C, one day we decided to say hashtag before everything and that is how this originated.)

     What I do understand is that this this a great book and I recommend it to everyone.For those who do not know what Factions are, (which are like states/provinces but each value a different quality.) Here is a list of the the Factions and what they value:

  • Candor: Honesty

  • Dauntless: Braveness

  • Abnegation: Selflessness

  • Erudite: Knowledge

  • Amity: Peace

Reading Response Reflection

For Thursday’s homework, our teacher Ms. Wachowiak sent us a Google Doc, in which we said what we thought of the Reading Response.


Here is mine:

Name: Stanley

Now that you have done two reading responses, what do you think? Good, bad, or undecided? What makes you think this?


I think that the Reading Responses are a great way to reflect on the things that we are reading. The difference between this and the Reading Log is that this is more public and social which makes it possible for other grades and people to comment on what we do. The Reading Log and the Reading Responses are both great ways to avoid a retell however, the Reading Response makes us more cautious of our mistakes, because once it is out there it can truly never be deleted.

In what area is your reading responses the strongest? What area do you need to work on? Remember to look at the teacher comments on your blog  to help you answer these question.

I think I am very good at describing the things in the books that I read. I am quite good at describing the people in the books because it is easy for me to picture what they look like and how their personality is, (if anyone remembers the tests that tell you if you were a visual, tactile, etc, learner and I was visual so…. :).) I think I need to work on connecting me, myself to the book.

The Wrecker #2

Dear Ms. Wachowiak,


     I am still reading The Wrecker and it has started to get very exciting. Recently, many people have been killed in train accidents by The Wrecker who will kill, just to be on the safe side. Many radicals are suggesting that these attacks were not sabotage, but blame the “Southern Pacific Railroad Company” for not being safe. The company is being blamed (not by many) for innocent peoples deaths, and at this rate nothing will get done in America.

     The Wrecker’s alter ego is a weak old man with a bad leg, barely able to keep himself together, however, he is actually a strong, vigilant, ruthless, and worst of all cunning, murderer capable of killing hundreds of innocent lives, in spite of the fact that we don’t even know why he is a saboteur. Isaac Bell stationed many of the Van Dorn detectives in the most common places for an attack, like: California, Burbank, etc. What I am most wondering is why he is doing this? My top theories are that. 1) He is an anarchist wanting change. 2) He is an equalist, wanting to take down “Southern Pacific” because he feels that Osgood Hennessy is too rich and powerful. 3) He is a crazed lunatic. Maybe his mom and dad were killed in some train related accident, but without a doubt he is skilled. Only one way to find out why, TO READ. Honestly I would never go near someone like The Wrecker, his signature move is grabbing his knife (which is in his boot, and also folds out into a sword) and jabs it into persons throat like a ninja.

     The book features a wide variety of items from different genres which makes it applicable for all types of readers. The next response might or might not be about “The Wrecker” only one way to find out, READ.



Division Test

This week we had a division test and I am quite happy with my results (:. It was a good milestone for me to get a score like this because I could never really divide like this )— I just couldn’t understand it no matter how hard I tried. However now I know this which makes me happy because I have been chasing after this goal for what seems like forever and I have finally reached it. I would like to thank Ms. Wachowiak and my parents for helping me to understand how to divide like this.


Last Monday, our I.T. teacher Mr.Johnson came in and showed us some presentation websites, in where we could sign up with g+ and check out one of the websites and learn how to use the tools. Our table was assigned Powtoons and it is a very good presentation maker, there are animations to keep the watcher interested, special types of fonts which are easy to read but yet different, etc,. The other websites were Infogram, Gapminder, easily, pictochart, and google trends. I only tried out Powtoons but this Monday we were assigned partners and we would teach each other how each program worked. My partner was Ben and he showed me Infogram, a great website to make charts. And then Deni came up to the board and tought us how Gapminder worked, (everyone on the Gapminder table was called a Gapminder Guru.)

Here are the links:




The Wrecker

Dear Ms. Wachowiak,

       I have just started a new book called The Wrecker, by Clive Cussler. It is one of the 7 books in the Isaac Bell Detective series. After I finish this book I will read the next book in the series named The Spy. My father recommended this book when I was in the states last summer.

       The books portrays sly and cunning detective Isaac Bell who is placed in early twentieth century USA. He is an ace detective that is discrete, who follows his gut pursuing thieves, killers, and much worse all over the US. The book is exciting enough but to add on to the excitement the actual author Clive Cussler, with his crew of volunteers, has discovered more than sixty ships in his life including the long-lost Confederate submarine Hunley. I have not read very far into the book but it starts it starts in 1938 with a certain “American” veteran from WWI trying to reach Insbruck, Austria. But then it quickly goes from 1938 to the 1907 railroad tracks. However the book starts out very dull because they don’t even introduce the main character until page 29.

       I recommend this book for fictional history readers because the book gets exciting from to time. I do hope that Isaac finds The evil Wrecker. I think that lives will be lost in this awesome railway novel, and industries will fall in the process, but I predict that Isaac suceed in bringing down The Wrecker.



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