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Ms. W Letter

Dear Class,


           I recently started a new book, Insurgent, by Veronica Roth. It is the second book in a series of three that Ayla introduced to me. Within these books is a lot of action and an interesting protagonist, Tris.

            Tris lives in a futuristic society that has divided the people into five fractions to help maintain the peace within the world. Tris originally belongs to the fraction Abnegation, which believes in self sacrifice, but then switches to the Dauntless faction once she finds out (and must keep secret) that she is a Divergent. Dauntless people are fearless and very brave so she learns how to fight and face her fears. She is interesting to me because she is incredibly bold. For instance, she jumped off a tall building into a net (she didn’t know the net would be there) and climbed a ferris wheel to help her team win a game. I am afraid of falling so I don’t think I could do these things. Also, because she is divergent, she is very independent and her mind is very quick to solve problems. When the author uses dialogue, it helps me feel like I know Tris and that I am part of the action. I love when authors write this way. I love to feel that I am in the book and that the characters are people I might know in my real life.

           If you get a chance, I would highly recommend reading Divergent. I cannot comment on Insurgent yet because I just started it but so far so good. Thanks for reading my letter and I look forward to your response!


Ms. Wachowiak

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