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Experimental Data Collection

This week we collected several pieces of data by experimenting with using machines and non-machines and seeing the difference. The whole point of these experiments is for us to see that machines help us greatly in our daily lives and are time saving and are more efficient than using non-machines (in most cases.) On Monday I did an experiment called the “The Power of Spontaneous Combustion” in that experiment the machine was the microwave and the non-machine was fire (hence the name “Spontaneous Combustion”) I timed it and the microwave warmed the meatball at about 40 seconds and the fire at about 1 minute when I saw my results I was shocked that there was only a 20 second difference however with the microwave you can control the heat. During the week I have done other experiments but in my opinion that one was the most exciting.

The Laws of Motion and Gravity

I created this presentation for our Math is Everywhere project to show everyone that math is, everywhere! But also another reason for this project is to see how well high school teens from 10th grade collaborated with fifth graders like us. They came in and helped us fifth graders with our projects and told us to research things about our specified passion, and my passion was The Laws of Motion and Gravity.

Here is my presentation:

The Laws of Motion and Gravity




In the book “The Giver” as well as not knowing what colors are the people in “The Community” also don’t know what Sunshine is, of course the Sun is still there they just don’t feel it. The point of each poem related to “The Giver” is to explain these things to the people in “The Community” if we ever were to be there and we had to express it in a poem. Here is my poem:

The Power of Sunshine

Sunshine is an experience so epic and full of energy that it can never be contained only used.

Sunshine is the taste of burning in your mouth that you only feel when eating the spice of life.

Sunshine smells like the sulphuric smell of lava only stronger and more intoxicating.

Sunshine feels like a kiss of warmth but only when accepted can you truly feel warm.

Sunshine is the sound of the intense rumble of controlled power.

Sunshine is an experience so epic and full of energy that it can never be contained only used.


I think that this is a very good poem and the words in the poem are very strong and interesting words. Maybe it shouldn’t have been so deep and thoughtful, because poems like this may no appeal to the average 5th Grade reader.

Simple Machines

Yesterday in the afternoon the class went into groups and started creating simple machines. My group was consisted of 10, 12, and 19, Ali, Joshua, and Bedirhan. Together we made a simple machine consisting of: 2 marbles, 3 books, ramp, dominoes, a square plastic object that had a hole in the middle, and a cup. This is how the procedure would go: 1) Drop the marble down the ramp, 2) The marble would hit the dominoes at the end of the ramp, 3) The dominoes would keep hitting each other until the last one would hit the 2nd marble, 4) The marble would go through the hole in the blue plastic object, 5) Once gone through the hole it would fall into a cup. When I look back on my written procedure I think I made it very simple and easy to follow, However I find it odd that when writing the procedure with my group members we seemed to not argue at all on the procedure because we all knew how the procedure worked. But I guess we could have broke it down more.


In our book “The Giver” the people in the book don’t know about color. The first color that the main character Jonas sees is the color red. So each student in my class wrote a poem about red, here is my poem:


The Essence of RED.

Red is An untouchable thing that just burns with power, and it is where the planets gain their energy that makes them live, the all powerful substance that lets all live…. LIGHT.

Red is the taste of The fiery sensation of being truly alive and the spiciness of unpredictableness.

Red smells like The aroma of anger, suspense, hate and happiness all conflicted to make one combined stench like fire

Red makes me feel like an amazing feeling that you can only truly experience when in the presence of light at its peak

Red is the sound of being in Danger, and it also reminds me of being unstable and crazy and shouting out with joy and relief.

Red is  An untouchable thing that just burns with power, it is where the planets gain their energy that makes them live, the all powerful substance that lets all live…. LIGHT.

Overall I think I did a very good job in describing what red is, (in my perspective) because truly, what is red, what is color we see it but do we really experience it, do we really understand it. Although when I think about it I could have had better word choice.

Math Review

In my opinion the math review sheets including order of operations, the area of a triangle, numbers on the coordinate plane, and angles in my opinion were pretty easy also I worked hard on them and when Ms. Wachowiak graded them I was really happy because all of them were right. It was review because we just came back from winter break and she wanted to see if we remembered what we learned before winter break. I think I need to work on speed the reason why is because I went through one question really quickly and if I didn’t double check my papers I would have gotten that question wrong and others to so I will definitely work on that.

Eliminating Entertainment Machines

When I looked at people’s responses the ideas that came to mind were “This person experimented by eliminating three different entertainment devices and compared their time and efficiency from when they would be using said device.” Or, “By eliminating his computer this person has been able to use their imagination more and expand their knowledge.” In my response I eliminated the T.V., computer and phone and when I look over others I see that most people have at least eliminated one of the things that I did. The questions that rose when I looked at others responses were, “Why did he/she choose these particular machines to eliminate.” And, “I wonder why he/she decided this as a replacement activity.” So in conclusion by looking at other peoples responses I have decided that when multitasking or using a machine no matter how many times you say “I’ll do this in 5 minutes,” an hour has passed, so by eliminating a few entertainment machines you can boost your impact on time and efficiency rating.


To learn about coding go to:

On this website I played a game called lost in space a GUI (Graphical User Interface) which is basically a drag and drop its an easier type of coding than others. Lost in space is on:

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