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How to Find the Unknown Quadrilateral and Triangular Angle

How to Find the Angles of a Parallelogram

At first I understood what we were doing fine, but when we started drawing a copy of a parallelogram

it took me forever to finish. When I finally was finished I mistakenly did the area of it. When it was time to partner up I started rushing to do the angles. When my partner Deni aka number 15 got different angles I learned that I even forgot to see if they added to 360. In the end I measured them correctly and got the same angles as Deni. I learned that you shouldn’t rush your work otherwise you will probably get it wrong.

My Trip To Ephesus

On the first day on the trip to Ephesus we went to visit the Virgin Mary’s House, St. Jean’s Church and The Temple of Artemis. I am will explain how the first day was by telling it in my perspective other people might have different ideas of how the first day went. When we arrived in Izmir It was really fun going to virgin Mary’s house because it was cool how one woman caused such an impact in the world. When we were there we got candles and made wishes we wrote them on a piece of paper and stuck them to the wishing wall. Next was St.Jean’s church (pronounced John) and this was not a normal church at the entrance there were huge archways from left to right. When there we saw a painted map showing where we were, virgin Mary’s house, kucuk ve buyuk cekmece which are the two main rivers near Ephesus. There was a cross dug 3 feet into the ground where Christians would be baptized. After that we went to Artemis’s temple and honestly I thought it would be more impressive not just one last pillar standing, but there we found  a pond with frogs and turtles. Quiz night was fun but we didn’t rack up many points. On the second day we went to the city of Ephesus and saw the Terrace houses where the rich stayed, the Great Theater, and the Celsus Library. At the Terrace houses we saw the huge brick/Clay/Marble structures the only downside was that my phone fell into the ruins when I tried to take a pictured is where I zoned out and couldn’t really listened to anyone; but by some miracle my phone lived and is still working today. At the Great Theater we learned that it had 24,800 seats and the government and rich sat at the marble seats at the front and the villagers and normal people sat on dirt and stone seats at the top /back, and there they watched Drama listened to music and on rare occasions gladiator fights. The library architecture was cool because of the optical elusion it makes showing that the columns on the back are smaller than the ones in the front sad we couldn’t go in. Quiz night made us third place today wish we had a third quiz night. On the third and final day we went to Priene the neighboring city to Ephesus we didn’t see all of Priene because t was so big but we got to see a mini theater in which had the same activities as the one in Ephesus but Priene was also a very acrobatic and physical place also let me add that Priene and Ephesus were friends. Next we saw the temple of Athena with five or six columns but a lot of ruins next to it. All in all it was a great trip and I hope to go there again.

I Am Poem

I am a knight of the dark with a castle of light.
I wonder what secrets the world holds.
I hear a world shouting and screaming to stop being tortured by our recklessness.
I see a different world from others a world of destroyed beauty.
I want for they’re to be peace in the world.
I am a knight of the dark with a castle of light.


I pretend that the evils of the world aren’t there.
I feel the wrinkled bark of the trees and the soft dirt of the ground.
I touch this paper with my heart and soul.
I worry for the threatened and hurt.
I cry for the sad so I can see how it is for them.
I am a knight of the dark with a castle of light.


I understand why we are happy when others are sad.
I say no to people who hurt others.
I dream I am a superhero who saves others.
I try to help people because it gives me a good feeling about myself.
I hope to be able to rid the world of sadness forever.
I am a knight of the dark with a castle of light.

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